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Kriban Time Again!!!

It's almost time for a Kiriban Again!!!
This will be my first Kiriban moment so who ever gets me to 3000 pageviews ill give them a free request. So whoever gets me to 3000 Pageviews will get a free commission or request..

Also if you do hit the 3000 pageview screen cap it and post to my page in the forum box and your request for free commicssion

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Oh no some how windows 10 messed up up my Manga studio program and now it wont run looks like ill have to buy the recent one manga studio 5 since its built for recent systems. pity was gonna do some comic tone testing and stuff. in other news chapter 2 is nearly finished and will be put up soon, trying to think of an idea for using the world map as a version of table of contents interactive page where u click on a location and it brings you to the chapter related to the place. Also my story will be continuing on WordPress since its easier to navigate. So if you want to read more check it out at thejourneyofkendra.wordpress.c…
so this week I just got back into writing chapter2 so I will be doing some character drawings of the crew along with the world map too


Chapter 1

From Loneliness to Hope

In a small village of four houses there lived a girl called Kendra unknowing of her gift to control the powers of the elements many say it was a blessing but for her it was a tragedy yet to happen. As a gift for a child this age without any proper practice since her town was people of an age without magic knowledge it could only bring danger.
At the age of 6 she already was able to slowly control the element of water like if there was no gravity making the droplets float in midair. At 15 she found out she could slightly control fire but something went terribly wrong a small piece of flame went crazy and started to scattered across her living room by the time her parents noticed the flames were already spread too far to put out. They quickly grabbed her and tried to rush her to the front door exit but a beam fell from the roof and knocked her parents to the ground, Kendra tried to move the beam but it was too heavy. Her mother grabbed her and whispered into her ear “its ok save yourself”
With her final breath it was too late the flames had already burned both of them to no return.

Kendra fell to her knees and her eyes looked empty she had never seen anything this terrifying in her life, she began to tremble and her eyes watered up. Kendra tried to look around for help but the flames somehow caught on fire to the rooftops of the other houses no one was left in her small village. Kendra knew she had to find a new place to live. She walked for miles on end walking through deserted roads and only some fruit or veg from wild fields but she knew it wouldn’t help her in the long run, until finally she saw a village not far to the north up the road. She took a rest upon a tree to rest her feet from walking, it was beginning to turn to night so she went as soon as she could into the town, but since she didn’t know anyone she decided to stay on the street outskirt in the village till next morning. When the sun rose up she started asking people for help but since her clothes were tattered and muddy people thought she was just a beggar on the streets looking for change without realizing that she was just a normal girl who had lost everything she ever had. Kendra didn’t know what to do she stayed on the streets hoping someone would come along and bring her in but no one would pay attention to her.
Days became nights, nights became weeks, with nothing but bread stolen from a traveling merchant and water collected from the rain pour she devoured it down like if she hadn’t eating at all. The only thing to keep her warm was her power to control fire and it to make a fire heap.

She begged and pleaded them for help but they just walked on like nothing was there. With little or no hope she thought she had, she started to break down into tears. Two days have passed in the town, she awoke to hear the sound of a small cat crying just across from her on the other side of street, just like her this poor creature was weak and hungry too. Feeling pity for the small creature she pulled a small piece of bread she had covered from the rain and waved it in front of her.

The girl quickly caught the small cat’s attention and walked over to her and started to eat beside her. After the cat was done eating it looked up at her as if it was to stay thanks. They became best friends from that day forward and her hope started to kindle again, and for some reason little by little they started to get noticed. Two more weeks passed by, both the cat and the girl regained their strength and started to walk around. Another two weeks passed and the two started to walk around the city trying to find better places for shelter and buying what they can from their money from passersby. She slowly was able to regain her strength and eventually started to look for work to earn enough to support herself. But for some reason nowhere was hiring people
“Please there must be something you can let me do I’m begging you I’m desperate I have nowhere to go” her eyes started to glean with tears “I’m sorry there’s nothing I can do. I have too many people on already I can’t afford another worker” “oh ok …. I’ll go somewhere else then I … I’m sorry for troubling you” she turned to walk the other way and headed uptown where there was this building that stood out from the rest of place where like it wasn’t part of the town but she was nervous to approach it so she decided to head somewhere else for now. “You’ll be fine…..” a soft voice said from nowhere, the girl looked around to see where it came from. “who said that?” she said while looking cautiously around her while sitting on an old stone wall “meow…” the cat started to hug against her while gazing at her when she looked at him “that wasn’t you was it?” she said jokingly with a laugh “meow” the cat laid on her lap and fell asleep. The girl decided to go for a nap too since they have been walking for ages, a small light glow started to show on her left arm of an old symbol.

The cat woke and noticed it and remembered a flashback of hearing of an old tale from elders of a bunch of wizards and witches from all over the different kingdoms who would gather to have a summit to all make a pact if one day evil sorcery would pose a threat they would join forces and look for help with the old village of the people of South where such markings existed in scriptures of a child that was chosen by faith who would one day stood up against evil and regain peace to all kingdoms. As night slowly approaches she awakens from her nap and looks for a place to stay, as she walks down the road leading north the cat jumps from the small rock wall on walks towards the eastern path as to indicate something “what is it do you want me to follow you down that way?” she asks. As they go down the eastern path the cat stops just outside a familiar building “wh…why did you bring me here? It could be dangerous here”. She approaches the door with a nervous feeling and slowly knocks on the door, the door opens slowly as she presses the door knocker against door. Just before she gets to look in the cat rushes past her legs as if it was here plenty of times before hand. The room is lit with chandeliers on the ceiling and has a sweet scent of dough and pastries, at the end of the room was an old man standing beside an old looking cauldron. “I’ve been expecting you” the old man said in a soft gentle voice. “M..Me?” she said in a nervous voice “actually I was talking to Alger here” he said while petting him. “Oh… where’s my manners I Haven’t introduced I’m Rowan Wolf bark and you are..?” her shoulders loosing as she is not nervous anymore and in her normal voice introduces herself “I’m called Kendra I just arrived here just few months ago” “Is Alger your cat?” she asked curiously. “Oh Alger? Oh ho no let’s just say I’m babysitting him until his owner or in this case his friend comes back from a long journey” “please sit down you don’t need to stand you are a guest” Rowan said while gesturing his hand to invite her to sit. As she walks into the center of the room a big circular tile on the floor lights up with a myriad of colors, Kendra’s face reacts with a shock and Rowan eyes go wide. She jumps off the tile and steps to the side. “Um if you don’t mind could you please step on it again just this once” he said as to confirm in his own mind. As she steps on it again it started to glow again with a glow even stronger than last. “Kendra do you know what this used for , it’s an device used to detect magic in people or to detect the potential someone has of using magic" Kendra’s eyes didn’t look happy. Her face fell down and her eyes started to flow with tears that rolled down her chin. "I hate magic I lost my parents and even my neighbors because of it I don’t want to use it again”. "It's ok it is not your fault I can teach you how to control it and use it for good" he said to her as he put his arms around her to comfort her. "What if I end up doing the same again who will I have to look after me” said Kendra while wiping her tears.  "I was hoping you would come here as I was told that I would meet you someday by fate” rowan said kneeling down to comfort her. After a few moments Kendra fell unconscious from exhaustion, rowan brought her to the spare room and tucked her in. He walked down stairs and started a deep conversation with Alger about what lies ahead in their journey. “does she know anything yet" rowan said while whispering in a concerned voice "no ... not yet I thought I would just keep her happy for now, she was on the streets before I saw her" Alger said telepathically I would prefer it that way for a while, if we were to rush she could lose control completely.... or worse" rowan said with a serious tone “we have a looong way to go before she’s ready head out on her journey yet". Both of them head off to sleep to get ready for the days to come as this is where their journey begins. As the next day arrives Kendra awakes to head down stairs when she reaches the kitchen she sees a note on the table “gone shopping make yourself at home” Kendra looks around the room to make herself some breakfast and notices Alger staring out into the fields like waiting for someone to come. A feint sigh is heard from where Alger is Kendra looks at him with a curious expression “You can talk?!” she said Alger lifted his head and give a faint smile at her “so it was you I heard yesterday, I heard Rowan talking to someone last night too but I couldn’t hear anyone else” she said in amazement.

Alger licked his mouth and started to talk “yes I can talk and yes he was talking to me. I don’t have to physically speak when with Rowan he can read my thoughts”.
“Rowan said he was minding you for someone is that person gone far somewhere” Kendra asked. “Yes he has been for quite a while now, he was sent on an important quest east of here” Alger said. Kendra looked at Alger with her eyes with sympathy “you two must be close then if it bothers you that much” she said in a soft sadly voice. Alger hopped of the window still and onto the table near Kendra “surely it hasn’t crossed your mind that I don’t look like other cats here” he said with a small smirk growing on his face. Kendra looked closer at him #Gasp# “your right ears are way longer with a double tip, what are you then?” Kendra asked.
Alger positioned himself comfortably and started waging his tail back and forth.
“I am what you call a dark elve or was one until sorceress caught me off guard and put a curse on me that made me stay on the animal I transformed into last which unfortunately as you can see is a cat” he said.

“What do you mean by transformed into?” Kendra asked while looking confused.
Alger continued talking “you see some of my people have certain traits or powers even for me I have to ability to transform into certain creatures, there is a way we dark elves can remove the curse but because of our nature not to harm or eat other humanoid life forms it would be like insanity to do it” Kendra voice began to shake as if afraid to ask him more “ you mean!” Alger voice softened in a concerned way “yes I’m afraid so in order for me to revert to normal I have to drink the fresh blood of a human, but this sorceress did something else to the potion. As I fled to safety she said to the only way I could remove the curse would be to dink the fresh blood to the one person I value the most and only him”. Kendra gasped out of shock her eyes wide and her pupils started to shrink. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t had made it so scary for you I apologies” Alger said “but don’t worry Rowan is coming up with a temporary solution it may not let me revert but will still give me half my powers to use so I can still transform to one or two animals”. Alger walks over to a glass bottle “here drink this it should help you calm your nerves” he said. Kendra looks at the bottle “isn’t this a potion what if Rowan gets annoyed with me from drinking it” she said in a concerned manner. “The note said to help yourself didn’t it?” Alger said with a smirk on his face “besides when he says help yourself he really means help yourself trust me I have lived with him long enough to know that and I watch him brew lots of stuff over the time to know what each one does and don’t”. Kendra drank the potion and started to calm down. Rowan came back and had a full carriage full of food and what seems to be ingredients for potions. “I’m sorry for the long delay it was hard to find some ingredients, anyway I hope you two got acquainted since then” he said with a smile. Rowan pulled a parcel from behind his back and passed it to Kendra “here this is yours it’s a gift from me to you” Kendra started to open the parcel within seconds like a child opening a birthday present. Her eyes lighted up with amazement and saw a dozen new dresses and some outdoor wear “thank you so much I don’t know what to say” she said with joy.

Kendra put the clothes aside and ran to Rowan and wrapped her arms around him tightly to say thanks “thank you…for everything”. Rowan patted her on the head on rubbed his hand back and forth “your home now so you can be happy from on now” Rowan said. After they unpacked all there shopping they decided to go for a quick visit around the village and introduced her to some villagers who is friends with Rowan, he gasped and shuffled through his pockets looking for something he bought earlier from his errands and pulled out an ingredient of some sort and dropped it into a small potion he had in his side sachet of his coat. “What’s that?” Alger said. Rowan mixed the potion with a quick shake and said “Final ingredient for your temporary antidote” Rowan bent down and poured the potion slowly Alger’s mouth and then his body started to react to the potion given to him. At first his size grew slowly bigger and bigger, then his feet became wider and flatter and finally his neck grew longer. “Show me a reflection” Alger said with a slight hint of eagerness. Rowan brought him over to a small pond near the outskirts of the town where they decided to take a rest, he leaned over the water and saw a reflection of his new transformed body. “A horse, nice choice finally something I can use to help out with” Alger said with a small grin on his face. As the day got darker they decided to head back home to rest for the day. As the next morning came around they all came down and decided what their plans would be for the day Kendra asked Rowan about the six kingdoms “what are the different kingdoms I think I passed near one when I was travelling to here” she said while stuffing her face with bread and eggs. Rowan looked at Alger who then gave a nod of confirmation “I guess it is time we should tell you why I was expecting you and why it’s linked with the kingdoms” he said with a serious gentle tone. Kendra stopped so she could pay attention to what Rowan had to say.

“Each Kingdom represents an element according to each king’s right hand person here it’s our own separate kingdom since it doesn’t represent an element, but the kingdom you passed was once the great kingdom of light. To the far north lies the fierce kingdom of fire, west of here lies the floating city of wind. Further up to the east and west of there lies the tall kingdom of earth and the Moving Kingdom of Water and to get to the hidden Kingdom of Dark we need actual someone who lives there to let us enter” Kendra asked what happened to the light kingdom, Rowan answered while trying to explain in his own words “I’m not entirely sure what actually happened I don’t think anyone does really, some say they vanished while others think the found a way to ascend into another existence. Since then the kingdom just went to ruins”. “Now to explain your part in this” Rowan said with hope in his expression. “Every Fifty years a child is born with a mark, the mark is a sign of hope in most beliefs that they could harness the power to become the new king or queen or to protect the land from a great threat which is what we fear is taking place over time.” Kendra took a moment to take it all in and asked “what does the other kingdoms still have to do with me though” she said. Alger joined the conversation and said “we simply can’t do this by ourselves we need all the help we can get besides who knows what lies out there on the way. If we’re going to have to get help we need to acquire the help of the other mages in all six Kingdoms.” He said with an eager expression. Kendra paused again while lifting her sleeve and looking at her mark “I’ll do it!” she said with a serious expression upon her face. “I’ll do whatever it takes to help, magic has brought me nothing but sorrow before but maybe now I should try to control it for something good. Rowan I want you to teach me magic!!” Kendra said while jumping out of her chair. Rowan’s reaction was so much he almost choked on his breakfast, “then it’s settled we shall head to that field with the lake we saw before it will be perfect for training around 5pm.” Kendra’s face lit up for the first time without relying on a fake smile to hide her pain. As the time approaches Rowan and Kendra get ready for their first training session and the empty field. Kendra is given her magic tool for practicing magic which is a large light weight staff “do all magic users use staffs for magic” Kendra said to Rowan. “It’s how all people control magic to their will what did you use when you learnt of your gift” Rowan said curiously to Kendra. Kendra took a long pause to remember how she controlled it, “I don’t think I used anything at all, as far as I can remember I just focused on the element and moved it slowly with my hands”. “You’re a natural user!?” said Rowan and Alger at the same time in amazement. The crew gets ready for their first lesson and arrive at the field. Kendra ask Rowan to explain what the difference between a natural user and a tool user is “a natural user has the ability to control the elements without a catalyst where as a user that uses a staff or another weapon or tool needs a magical item embedded into it that acts as a catalyst to act as the controlling part” Rowan said. Kendra looked around and asked Rowan what she will be learning in the empty field. Rowan walked over to the lake near the middle of the field “we’ll start with the easiest element first water. First close your eyes and take a deep breath and visualize that the water is a part of the air and you’re calling it to you manipulating the air around it” Kendra moves her hands in a waxing and waning motion and starts to slowly move the water closer and closer to her when it’s over her head when suddenly she loses focus and it falls onto her. Rowan tries to hold himself from laughing but fails and falls to the ground in stitches, Kendra looks at him with a frown and then gives a quick smirk and throws a dose at him. Rowan looks at her with a sharp glare, Kendra gasped to think she did something wrong and then Rowan busted out laughing again. Kendra leans out her hand and pulls Rowan up off the ground after being knocked of his feet from the dose of water.

“This is just the basic of controlling water in order to use water for bigger things we need an area that is inhabitant with spiritual energy” Rowan said to Kendra as he was getting off the ground. Kendra asked Rowan when she would be learning the other elements Rowan patted her on her head “patience girl tomorrow I’ll be teaching you how to control fire properly” “we need a good dry area with nothing to fuel it beyond your control” Rowan said to her. He pulled out a map and pointed north of the town to a desert area “Tomorrow we will set out and head north to the desert it will be a long journey but they will be places to stop if you get hungry or tired” he said. Kendra looked over to Alger “what about Alger will he be able to survive the heat?” she asked to Rowan. Alger responded before Rowan drew his breath “I’ll be fine, I have been through the desert many times before just not in this form or horse but Rowan has potions that will keep me from dehydrating and to keep my skin from going crisp so to speak, just don’t splash me with normal water like the last time you know I hate that” he said while looking at Rowan at last moment before finishing his sentence. Rowan rolled up the map and shoved it in his pocket and stretched his arms “tomorrow is going to be an interesting journey so make sure you bring what you need” he said to Kendra. As night began to fall they all went to sleep back at their home before the big journey that awaits them ahead.




30 years ago a war broke out over the 6 Kingdoms, no one knew it was coming.
Demons started coming down from the north of the mountains and attacking the Kingdoms, fortunately the group wasn’t big enough to break through the Kingdoms wall’s especially with the help of the Kingdoms mage or sorceress helping the defense. With the demons defeated and the Kingdoms safe again every one returned to their normal life. When all of a sudden a loud scream was heard from the east side of the Fire Kingdom, five guards plus the sorceress ran to the sound of origin. To their shock they saw Varas one of the Fire Kingdoms greatest Second Mage held back by five demons and another one stabbing him with a spear into his chest and out of nowhere the demons disappeared again. It was then they realized the attack from the north was a decoy, their true goal was to get rid of the one thing that mattered the kingdoms the most The marked mage a person who has the potential to make pacts with supernatural creatures of great size that could help them against fights against the demon lord. The sorceress ran over to Varas and help him up she tried to heal his wound but the wound was too deep and Varas was losing too much blood. Varas grabbed her color and said to her “gather the other mages and sorceresses it’s time we had a summit”
“They will not trust me you know what are history is like over the past few years” the sorceress said to Varas. Varas pulled out a piece of paper out of his jeans pocket
“Take this with you it’s a peace resignation with my signature, if you show them this they’ll have to trust you” She looked at him and asked “when did you write this?”
Varas tried to speak “I always had a feeling I would be in danger so that why I kind of kept to myself, heh I’m sorry I never asked for your name all the time” the sorceress face smiled at him with a saddened feel “Aragwen my name is Aragwen”
“Aragw……en” Varas took his last breath and passed away. Aragwen pulled him towards her and hugged him tight in her arms and carried him to the King’s Castle.
The King stood up off his chair and ran over to Aragwen but to only see a lifeless body of Varas in her arms. The king’s eyes grew with shock and sorrow “what happened to Varas” he said as he brought him to the infirmary room. Aragwen paused while clenching her fists “the attack from the mountain was a distraction while they ambushed him and stabbed him” she said, her face was boiling with anger and her eyes had a piercing glare. The king walked over to Aragwen and put his hand on her shoulder as to calm her down “I’m terribly sorry I knew you loved him but you mustn’t let your anger get to you” Aragwen looked shocked at him
“How did you know? Please don’t take away my duty”
He turned to Aragwen “what’s this all about, take away your duty? If I’d take away your duty you would’ve known by now besides you two worked better as a couple”
Aragwen face lit up bright red in embarrassment. She turned around “excuse me my lord I have a task to fulfill” the king lifted his head slightly “task? I didn’t give you a task today, whose task is this?” Aragwen started walking towards to door and before she left she said “Varas’s!” and left the castle. Aragwen took five pigeons and attached a note to each one saying
“I am Aragwen of the Fire Kingdom. If you are receiving this note it’s because of great importance not just to our Kingdom but to your kingdom as well. As of today Varas has been ambushed and was killed, we are all not safe who knows what will happen or where they will strike. Which is why I’m asking you to meet me at the central hill near the mountain path, I will explain to you in further detail when we meet there”

Each pigeon was sent to the other kingdoms Aragwen sat down in the seat beside her and took a deep breath. All she had to do is wait for pigeons to come back, Aragwen went to get ready for her travel to the central hill, she packed her sack with ink , feathers, the peace manuscript and some food. A couple hours later all five letters came back each with the other Kings seal of approval stamped at the bottom of each letter, Aragwen knew she things were going to change now all she had to do is show the Varas’s letter to the other Kingdoms representatives .As noon approaches she headed out into the plains and then waited at the hill for the others to come. One by one they came slowly until all five representatives were counted four and present although it wasn’t five it was ten, each representative brought along a kid. Aragwen looked slightly confused to why there was kids with these representatives, one of them spoke up “don’t be so nervous they’re only here because their only training with us” Aragwen took a sigh of relief and started the summit. She started to explain what has happened in her Kingdom and said that she was here on half of Varas’s wish and with that she pulled out the peace treaty.
All six of them signed the treaty as well as the kids as they were to become the next Kingdoms representatives. After that they put out all their weapons and pointed them in towards one another, all six of them were staffs or at least a magic weapon “Your all mages!?” Aragwen said in amazement.
“Not all of us, some are sorcerers like you” one of them said. Aragwen looked down at her apprentice “and who may you be?” she said to the young boy hiding behind the sorceress. The little boy smiled at Aragwen “I’m Tarick” he said to her.
“Since we are all going to work with each other I think we should know each other. Since I called you all here I’ll go first, you can call me Aragwen” Aragwen said to them. Each of them spoke and said their names
“I’m called Veredin from the Kingdom of Aqualith”  
“They call me Siegfried from the Kingdom of Terragon”
“I’m Rowan from the Kingdom of Shaltule”
“Call me Zana from the Kingdom of Kazenhito”
“You can call me Faron from the Kingdom of Hoshiten”

Aragwen and the others lifted their weapons and made a new oath not just to protect their own kingdom but to protect their land and everyone on it.
For some years the land has been quiet and sometimes there has been some trouble but none of it has been caused by demons, for the towns people thought that the war of the demons have finally stopped but the mages knew that they were waiting for something to happen something big. The years went by, most of the mages have grown became retired leaving their roles to their apprentices. One mage is said to be missing or what the people of Shaltule believe he went into the Temple of the Five Sisters, a place where only the highest mages are greeted but no one ever saw this mage use any of his actual magic in battle.
Sorry bout the delay fold so im alllmost done to upload before im ready to upload the First Chapter ill be uploading the prologue so i hope youll like it


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Oh no some how windows 10 messed up up my Manga studio program and now it wont run looks like ill have to buy the recent one manga studio 5 since its built for recent systems. pity was gonna do some comic tone testing and stuff. in other news chapter 2 is nearly finished and will be put up soon, trying to think of an idea for using the world map as a version of table of contents interactive page where u click on a location and it brings you to the chapter related to the place. Also my story will be continuing on WordPress since its easier to navigate. So if you want to read more check it out at thejourneyofkendra.wordpress.c…


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